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To Do List


  • Check power pigtails in system

Full chain test

  • Implement procedure for full chain test including all tests we did so far: CCU redundancy, i2c programming, DOH/PLL setting, Delay25 scan for SDA, Delay25 scan for RDA, …
  • Check LV and HV distribution
  • Check that reset does not trigger cross-talk
  • Implement reading of QPLL pia register

Digital FED

  • Check TBMPLL delay settings

Optical signals

  • Perform BER


  • Power and load board: equip L12 CB with power cables. Measure voltage drops for L12.
  • Test CB L4
  • Test POHs

Pixel Online Software

  • Implement modules for L1, L2, L34
  • Check reading from FIFO3 (to use calibrations implemented by pilot)
  • Implement POH bias scan using TBM header counting (for given TBM/ROC delay settings)
  • Run S-curve and compare noise to module test
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