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How to test the SDA,RDA, CLK and CTR distribution

This test first scan the SDA RDA range for all the modules, set the right SDA RDA for the modules in the module list(see point 4) and then send 100 triggers and check for the Trigger distribution.

1) [cmspixel@cmspixel ~]$ source startall.bsh
2) configure the trigger
3) power on the caen channel 1 6 11 13 (L12, L34, CCU and OPTO)
4) emacs TriDAS/pixel/BPixelTools/testRDB/
and set:
testsdarda= True
all other test to False
check that the sector name, module list and moduleg list are correct:
name= “+6P”
module=[28,15,23,3,31] #module list
moduleg=[name+“L34”,name+“L34”,name+“L12”,name+“L34”,name+“L34”] # module group
5) python TriDAS/pixel/BPixelTools/testRDB/
6) python TriDAS/pixel/BPixelTools/testRDB/
7) follow the on screen instruction
8) the results are printed on screen and saved as pdf and root file

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