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This page aims to collect useful information on the different options for storage on PSI's T3 and the lxplus cluster. [under construction]

T3 scratch area

Each user and working node (t3ui* and t3wn*) has its own scratch area. which should only be used for temporary storage, because it is not backed-up. For longer storage of large files, please use T3's storage element.

T3 Storage element

For large files, one should always use the T3 storage element. This section summarizes the useful parts of the TWiki on how To Acces SE.

Copying files

You can also copy large output files to the storage element using the copy command lcg-cp or the recommended xrdcp from XROOTD.

lcg-cp -b -D srmv2 file:foo.root srm://$USER/analysis/$OUTFILE


xrdcp -f foo.root root://$USER/analysis

Creating directories

Note that one can only copy files to existing directories. Create the necessary parent directories (analysis in this example) on your SE home if it doesn't exist yet:

gfal-mkdir -p gsi$USER/analysis

or more generally

gfal-mkdir -p gsi`echo $SERESULTDIR | grep -o '/pnfs/*'`

Mounting the T3

[to be updated]

T2 Storage element

[to be updated]

Lxplus afs

[to be updated]

Lxplus eos

[to be updated]

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