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CMG tools is a full analysis framework where one can skim samples (creating flat ntuples) using the Heppy script, apply selections and plot output. It is well maintained and constantly being updated with the newest ID recommendations.

To set up, follow the instructions atCMG Tools Experimental Releases.

To run:

#local running:
heppy outdir_name cfg/ -N 2000
#for batch submission (at lxplus): -r /store/cmst3/group/exovv/clange/HeppyProduction/trees_VV_20170118 -o VV_20170118 -b 'bsub -q 2nd -u clange -o std_output.txt -J VV_20170118  <'

Some plotting tool (for VV in this case) can be found here.

Some example ntuple can be found here:

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